Tuesday, October 29, 2013

.i don't know what to title this post - PPD

i could link to helpful articles.
i could link to studies.
i could give a personal update.
that is all good, but seems what some people need is basically a smack down.  :)

PPD is real.
PPD is not the baby blues.
PPD can manifest its self in SO many ways.
PPD affected ladies can still look cutesy (at times).
PPD is horrific.
mental illness sucks beyond belief.
and quite frankly, you suck if you add to a depressed person's suffering by some of the following and more:
not believing.
not taking serious enough.
making them "prove" it.
trying to "fix" them.
inserting yourself into their life in ways they are asking you not to.
(this does NOT include measures to keep them safe. more like inserting yourself into their relationships.)
thinking your own non-medical thoughts/ convictions are superior to a doctor's and making it be known you are down on medications.

listen up, when someone says they want to die or are thinking of suicide or share it would be better if they were not around anymore or are self-harming - you take that junx seriously.
and you do something.
you do an action to make sure they are safe - whatever that looks like.
even if it is simply helping get a plan in place to ensure safety.
and, dear pastors, you have an extra heavy responsibility in this area because you are accountable to the Lord one day for how you care for people.
or don't care well for them. 
just sayin'.

you can know all the stats and signs of depression.
but, all the education in the world won't help you unless you are willing to 'get' it.
willing to lay down your preconceived notions.
willing to nix the stigma in your mind.
willing to get dirty and messy as you walk through the darkest point of someone's life.
willing to shut it and not judge.
willing to hear things that are super disturbing.
willing to acknowledge and respect the fact that everyone's path of recovery is different & difficult.
willing to do something.
it is not that hard.

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